United Cannabis Agent Training is a local Utah company founded in 2018. Since then UCAT has been providing the required training and certification to work in the cannabis industry in the State of Utah. As a Salt Lake City native; Dane Hoffman, Founder, was accustomed to the hurdles cannabis would face while gaining legitimacy throughout the Beehive state. This is why UCAT was originally founded as “Utah” Cannabis Agent Training; minor differences can mean a lot in the long run. The aspect of providing a third-party training and certification is essential to creating a transparent and equitable industry. Information must remain as unbiased and factual as possible, while being approachable to an individual needing certification to perform their job or for someone to apply for a job to become gainfully employed!

UCAT is an early stage startup that refuses to take the all too common road to corporate growth; the toxic “whatever it takes” mentality. Having trained and certified Utah’s very first Cultivation and Processing to the most recent employees joining facilities today; United Cannabis Agent Training is at the forefront of cannabis education in the State of Utah. The website www.utcannabis.org hosts the State’s only State-Approved Third-party online training and certification for Cannabis Agents (anyone working at a Cultivation or Processing facility, or a medical cannabis pharmacy). As a provider of employment training, we take pride in the fact that we have guided hundreds of individuals towards receiving the necessary certification to work in the cannabis industry.

Online employment training can often times bring memories of reading a lot of text, sifting through endless amounts of slides, or sitting blankly while a pre-recorded video of a screen share lectures about facts and statistics in a monotone. Whereas the key driver of most online companies is to provide content, this does not leave much room for creating an engaging experience; let alone a community that values learning and personal growth as much as it does the capitalistic need for employment and create profits for organizations. “UNITED” is the primary focus of the UCAT team. United we stand, divided we fall. Never before has an industry more so embodied such a phrase. This is why the “CANNABIS AGENTS” are at the center of our organization and everything we do.

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